1v1 PvP

1v1 PvP
Date Game Type
10-Aug-2020 13:00 - 14-Aug-2020 19:00 Guild Wars 2 PvP

Created on behalf of StormbrokeR

Hello fellow Hounds, here's an important

announcement for every Hound!

Next month, from August 10th to August 14th I will 

be hosting a PvP 1v1 tournament! 

Of course there's going to be prizes to win as well, 

what those prizes are, depend on how many participants 

will be participating in the tournament!


First of all here's a spreadsheet I made to sign up

for the tournament. To make sure as many members as

possible can participate please sign in with your name

(optimal would be ingame-id and discord-name if you want to be notified for your turn)

and the time-frame you have to play.

I will then try to keep the times you'll play in the 1v1s in that timeframe.

This sign-up-sheet will be up until the 5th of August.

After I'm done pairing up the matches I'll also post the finished match-ups so you already know when to play.

It's going to be best-out-of-5 matches, in which you can gain points for every match you've won.

So even if you lose the match overall you can still win 2 points.

The matches are going to be played in a private arena which I will buy and open on August 1st.

That Arena is open for all Guild-Members in case you want to train for the tournament with other Guild-Members.

Thank you for coming to my Ted-talk and have fun ^^

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