Fashion Wars

Fashion Wars
Date Game Type
09-Dec-2019 10:43 - 18-Dec-2019 19:00 Guild Wars 2 Community

A Fashion Wars Event 

The Theme is Christmas and the back matters in enhancing your style ;)

Keep in mind just because it's a Christmas event, doesn't mean you have to dress up in the generic outfit, you can dye your current gear in something that fits the bill, as long as you make it work :P 

Also give your entry a name.

Such as if you're submitting you in your Christmas outfit with your snowman you could name it, me and Olaf (Snowman name from Frozen).

Please send your entries to me ( @xFrenzy47x#8730 ) via a private message.

You'll have until 18th of December at 7pm UTC to send me your entries.

After which this channel ( #xmas-fashion-wars ) will be closed and will be made available on the 19th of December 7pm UTC for you to cast your vote, a long with the number of votes allowed per person.

Voting will be open until the 22nd of December at 7pm UTC, after which winners will be announced.

The Rules:

- Every person is only allowed to ONE screenshot

- You are NOT allowed to vote for your own submission.

- You are NOT allowed to vote multiple times for the same person.

- Number of votes allowed would be based on the number of people that enter, up to a maximum of 3.

The Prizes: 

- Endless Ocean Greatsword Skin [&CsgiAAA=]

- Bloodstone Longbow Skin [&Cg0bAAA=]

- Mad Realm Shield Skin [&CgIhAAA=]

First place will select his prize, 2nd place will select based on what's left over and 3rd place get's what's left over :3

Good luck to all participants.

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