Guessing Game

Guessing Game
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27-Jul-2020 17:00 - 05-Aug-2020 17:00 Guild Wars 2 Community

Created on behalf of sofie

I am hosting a guessing game.

My dog is going to deliver puppys between now and perhaps +/- 14 days.

u will need to give up these 5 points: 

1 date she gives birth. 

2 time she gives birth to the first puppy.

3 how many puppys.

4 genders.(example 55 girls 55 boys)

5 color of the puppys(main colors).

ofcourse the closest one wins 

the price would be 100 gold :)


1: U can submit ur awnser at any time but participation stops the date she delivers all awnsers given on this date are not counting.

2: Incase of a tie (very unlikely but still) the price will be split.

3: All awnsers can be send to me on discord.

4: Please add ur gw2 ID (example ansofie.8956)

5: Edited msges will be disqualified.

6: 1 entry per person.


The MOTHER dog is a chihuahua her main color is black.

the mother dog parents are beige and blue/black coat (the nest had 4 puppys ) colors where 2white 1black and 1 brown)

the first interaction in getting to this pregnant state was on 29th of may.

the FATHER is a mixbreed chihuahua/pomerian color i have no idea how to discribe this color, picture bellow of the daddy.

I havent seen the parents of the father sadly.



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Announcement well this one is kinda funny: so Lara wins even tho she was trolling with 40 points correct however she doesn't want it which means we got a tie of both 30 points the winners are Jawo and Pastelka