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Other Games


Previously the idea behind the community was to start up in a multitude of games and rapidly expand. However, this task is much more difficult to accomplish than I thought it would be. We have started up in many games, most of which have gone silent. Currently, the idea is to expand more slowly, so that we could potentially be more successful with our expansions.

As such all our current clans are put on hold and will continue to exist but with little to no promotion to them. The only games we are actively promoting is Guild Wars 2 with a slight presence in League of Legends. If you are in any of our other clans and have ideas on how to revive it, please message me on Discord and we can discuss it further.

If you are not currently on our Discord server, please join us so you can stay up to date on any expansions we do make.

Link to Discord Server >> https://discord.gg/ajyenHz

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