Quick Lesson in Guild Missions

Quick Lesson in Guild Missions

Last Update: 22.04.2020

Guild Missions are weekly challenges from all three game modes (PvE, PvP and WvW) for the guilds in GW2. Their main purpose is to get guild members together to do specific tasks and learn to coordinate themselves. They are fun and give some nice rewards for their completion.

They are divided in 3 difficulties: easy, medium and hard. Each difficulty can have up to 2 tasks (only easy mode has 3) that need to be done. The requirements for completing them vary for each game mode and mission. 

Note: At the first a guild has access only to the first task from each difficulty level. Thanks to upgrades there can be up to 7 guild missions and 3 extra opportunities (1 in each game mode) each week (grand total of 10 missions per week).

With the help of guild missions guilds earn two type of currencies, beside a reward chest for each member participating in the mission:

  • Favor. This is a guild currency rewarded by guild missions and by trading influence from WvW for favor. Favor is used to upgrade the guild hall and can also be converted to useful items (boosters) from Bartholemew Kangas NPC at the Guild Initiative Quarters in Lions Arch
  • Guild Commendations. This is a currency rewarded only for guild missions and it is character bound, so every person participating at the event will be rewarded with guild commendations. They can be used in the guild hall at the guild commendations merchants (most used are: Stalwart Ben and the Trader at the marketplace) in exchange for boosters, items and recipes.  

You can see what your current guild missions are by pressing the G key and switching to the Guild Missions Tab. On the left side you can see the list of the missions. Clicking on a mission gives access to the right side of the tab. On top you can see the requirements for completing the selected mission. On the bottom left of this part of the screen is a Launch Mission button, which allows you to start the mission.

Note: Only ranks with the right permission can launch guild missions. Check the Rank tab on the Guild Menu to see, if you have that permission and who can help you with launching a guild mission.

A Guild Mission is complete after fully fulfilling the tasks of the opportunity in the expected time frame. For completing the mission you get a reward chest and favor. Go to the Guild Missions Tab, select the mission and if there is a brown chest and a yellow shield icon next to it, than the missions was successfully completed. 

Did you know?

  • If the guild does not need the favor for upgrades and stuff, you can do just one of the tasks from the whole mission to get the reward chest. Items from that chest can be used for crafting and can be also sold on the Trading Post.

Guild missions reset every week on Monday at 7:30 AM server time. There is no penalty for failing guild missions, so you can restart as many times as you like before weekly reset. You can also join other guilds on guild missions, so you can complete the tasks together. This makes it easier for smaller guilds to do this challenges, if they are missing people for a certain task.


To earn guild commendations and favor for your guild, you need to represent the guild while doing the guild missions. Favor is only calculated to the guild the member is representing at the time of finishing the challenge. That makes it possible for two guilds to join together and do the same mission while both getting rewarded for their effort without splitting rewards or favor.

Did you know?

  • The guild lead can set a preference in which game mode the guild missions are generated each week. The default is that the game chooses randomly in which game mode the guild missions will be set, for which the guild will be rewarded with extra favor. But if the guild is only doing PvP for example, the leader can set the guild missions to be only in PvP so nobody gets frustrated. 

Hound of Abaddon

Hound of Abaddon is mostly active in PvE game mode in GW2, so the preference of our guild missions is set to PvE.

PvE guild missions are divided in: 

  • Treks: Places where you need to find a symbol on the ground to activate for completing. It is easier to complete it, if you have most of the Central Tyria map done (important are the Waypoints, not the other stuff).
  • Challenges:  A PvE event, which requires the guild to protect something or someone from invading mobs.
  • Puzzles: Mini games with little jumping tasks, killing mobs and other amusing stuff.
  • Bounty: Searching for specific marked mobs (they have a green shield icon with a target symbol over their head) on a certain map and killing them within the time frame of the mission.
  • Races: Transforming into an animal with new skills and running through a race location with the only challenge of finishing it, without dying and going through all flag spots (see minimap).

For guides for these missions, please check Lady Vays Post:  Guild Mission Guide.

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