22-Jan by xFrenzy47x

Welcome to the official Hound of Abaddon website.

We're newish formed guild looking for members to fill our ranks. We are a small guild based in the European Time Zone. Our focus is to be a friendly social community that will do all content (within reason) that Guild Wars has to offer. We currently have around 10-15 active members in the guild with most of us being online from 18:00 to 22:00 (UTC). Representing us at all times is not a requirement, however I hope that the guild will grow to a point where you'd want to be representing us.

Apart from the above, we have also made some changes to our discord server, with these changes currently being in development for the site. Our community is now more public in the sense that we have multiple games listed that we don't necessarily have a guild in. The games we have added are as follows:

Apex Legends
League of Legends 
Diablo III

If you play any of the above games and you'd like to find someone to play with, you're welcome to join us. Feel free to invite your friends too :)